Saturday, August 7, 2010

So many INCREDIBLE people.......

As I get older, I begin to realize the lasting importance of friendships and relationships. It is people, not things that matter in the end. We cannot take our possessions with us, but our love for those around us is something that will last forever. There has been so much on my mind, too many to list and not that I would even want to. These are things in life,trials, hurdles, whatever it is you consider them, they are there and real and apart of my everyday thinking. Our busy lives help us forget what is most important to each of us, finding true happiness. Heavenly Father places people in our lives to remind us of just how much he loves and cares for us, we are is children. These angels that seem to come into our lives at just the right time, when we seem to need them the most. We learn from them, we love, we trust, we are better individuals because of them. To these incredible people in my life, I love you and I am better because I know and associate with you.

President Monson once said, "Find someone that is having a hard time and do something for them." When we forget about our own issues and heartache and make it a priority to love and serve someone in need, we find our TRUE self. I learned this ever important lesson as a missionary. When you loose yourself in the service of others, our perspectives change. There was a man that I grew to love while I served in Texas years ago. We met Billy Gilger, a very humble man. I wish I had a picture to share of him and I....I guess it's time to scan some and post them. I pay tribute to him today. He is a man of true character, love, obedience, and kindness. He had nothing and lived below poverty, yet he never once complained. He would give you the shirt off his back. I will never forget the day of his baptism. What a humble experience it was to see him washed clean and given the chance to start over. Billy lived a great life, one full of optimism and love. I love him, I miss him. To Billy, thank you for teaching me how to be un-selfish and to truly love someone else. One day we will see each other again and what a glorious reunion it will be.

I am making it a daily goal to say thank you more, to be more grateful. Telling those you love that you love them is one of the best gifts we can give. If someone is on your mind, call them, write them, stop by and see them. Let that person know you are thinking of them, express how important they are to you. Don't let the time pass, do it today, you will be so thankful you did!


Natalie said...

You are a great example to a countless number of people. Thanks for this reminder to show my love and appreciation to others more often. I love you JQ!!

Meg Shaver said...

you are missing one seriously important person! Come see me so we can have pictures too! :(