Saturday, August 7, 2010

So many INCREDIBLE people.......

As I get older, I begin to realize the lasting importance of friendships and relationships. It is people, not things that matter in the end. We cannot take our possessions with us, but our love for those around us is something that will last forever. There has been so much on my mind, too many to list and not that I would even want to. These are things in life,trials, hurdles, whatever it is you consider them, they are there and real and apart of my everyday thinking. Our busy lives help us forget what is most important to each of us, finding true happiness. Heavenly Father places people in our lives to remind us of just how much he loves and cares for us, we are is children. These angels that seem to come into our lives at just the right time, when we seem to need them the most. We learn from them, we love, we trust, we are better individuals because of them. To these incredible people in my life, I love you and I am better because I know and associate with you.

President Monson once said, "Find someone that is having a hard time and do something for them." When we forget about our own issues and heartache and make it a priority to love and serve someone in need, we find our TRUE self. I learned this ever important lesson as a missionary. When you loose yourself in the service of others, our perspectives change. There was a man that I grew to love while I served in Texas years ago. We met Billy Gilger, a very humble man. I wish I had a picture to share of him and I....I guess it's time to scan some and post them. I pay tribute to him today. He is a man of true character, love, obedience, and kindness. He had nothing and lived below poverty, yet he never once complained. He would give you the shirt off his back. I will never forget the day of his baptism. What a humble experience it was to see him washed clean and given the chance to start over. Billy lived a great life, one full of optimism and love. I love him, I miss him. To Billy, thank you for teaching me how to be un-selfish and to truly love someone else. One day we will see each other again and what a glorious reunion it will be.

I am making it a daily goal to say thank you more, to be more grateful. Telling those you love that you love them is one of the best gifts we can give. If someone is on your mind, call them, write them, stop by and see them. Let that person know you are thinking of them, express how important they are to you. Don't let the time pass, do it today, you will be so thankful you did!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Life is good....

Sorry I have not posted in a month or so, life has been busy, but a good busy that is. Here are a few pictures to show what I have been up to. It has been filled with reunions with best friends, birthdays, spending time with family and so much more....

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Thankful Tuesday....

Today I have been reflecting on those things I am thankful for, here they are....

1. My relationship with my Father in Heaven
2. My Savior Jesus Christ
3. Mother...Her unshaken faith, devotion and love! She will never turn down an opportunity to help someone in need.
4. Dad- his HUGE heart, sensitive personality and willingness to show and express love.
5. Rachel- Her support, laughter, sense of humor, for just being my sister! She is a GREAT mother, and wife. My life would be empty without her.
6. Melissa- Tenderness, seeing her raise three beautiful boys! Her desire to serve and live righteously.
7. Ava- My precious Ava..Her spirit brings a smile to my face.
8. Keaton- His sense of adventure!
9. Andrew- His persistence and strength to NEVER give-up, no matter how many times he has been told NO!
10. Owen- I am just getting to know this little guy. He is so pure and full of smiles. I love seeing how much he loves and admires his mother.
11. Krista- Wow, a smile comes to my face when I say her name. We have been through so much together. I can tell her ANYTHING and she will listen and offer the best possible advice. She loves me for who I am, I do not have to change when I am around her. She makes me laugh, oh and we do laugh a lot together. I miss this lady! So many secrets shared between the two of us...She knows me inside and out!
12. Elise- I have only known her a few years, but we are kindred spirits, her and I. Our similar taste in music amazes me, Carrie, Kris Allen, Mat Kearney, just to name a few. She always calls back and shares her appreciation. She makes me SMILE!! I knew we knew each other in Heaven and we made a pact that we would be best friends!
13. Derek...Where do I begin to describe this amazing guy. We met about three months ago through a mutual friend. I love his sense of adventure and love for the outdoors. He has a soft heart and HUGE personality. We can finish each other's sentences. Derek came into my life at just the right time. We get each other so well and I cherish the time I am blessed to spend with him. We will be friends for life and beyond!
14. Laughter- I LOVE TO LAUGH!!!! It is the best possible medicine, even if it give me Crow's Feet (thanks Derek for pointing this out!).
15. Lilly- My adorable Boxer. She never talks back, loves to snuggle and keep me company at night. I loose my patience with her, but I lover her!
16. My Home.. A place to escape the hustle and bustle of such a busy world.
17. SUNSHINE- It's endless warmth can always bring a smile to my face!
18. Madalyn- She came into our lives for just a short time, but she taught me the importance of LOVE. Holding her for a few short minutes has left a tender spot in my heart. I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU! Seeing her precious little spirit made me yearn to be better in every way possible.

I am making it a goal to be MORE THANKFUL!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Carrie Underwood...Even better the third time around!

Last night I went to the Carrie Underwood concert, and what a total blast it was! I went with Derek, Mikayla, Elise, Heather and Courtney. This was Derek's very first concert ever, and he had a blast, in fact we all did! She is stunning, gorgeous, fun on stage and sounds great live! Here are some pictures from last night's outing.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Why I love this girl......

Me dear friend Elise was married a few weeks back and I was honored to be apart of it. Where do I even begin in expressing how much love and respect I have for this girl, my girl Elise. We met a few years back and have been close, I mean really close, I adore everything about her! She has stood beside me through good and bad, sad and happy. I owe so much to her, she has enriched and blessed my life in so many ways, too many to possibly list. To Elise, thank you for being so incredible, loving and compassionate. My life would not be that same without you! Here is to many more years, may they be as great as the past few, I LOVE YOU!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Lilly and so much more!

I just realized it has been a month since my last post. I apologize to those who visit my blog and have been looking for a new post, new stories, new pictures to see. Life is constantly changing. Heartache, rejoicing, new experiences and learning who and what I am.

I have a recent addition to my family, meet Lilly. She is a purebred female, Boxer and she is the love of my life. I rescued her from a rough home and now she is a part of my life. I am not used to cleaning up after someone else. She is teaching me LOTS of patience. It is like raising a kid, having to take her out to go potty almost every 15 min while she is a puppy. I adore her sweet little face, her energetic personality and her spunk! To my little Lilly, I sure do love ya!

With the exiting of old friends, time welcomes in new ones. Friends that you find and swear you have known them from somewhere else, another place in time. Here is to Derek and Tim, my two amazing friends, who I love dearly. We relate in so many ways, we laugh, we cry, we share experiences that have brought us close together. I am so thankful for the true friends in my life!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!

It has been a few days since my Mother's birthday, but I wanted to offer a tribute to her. She is a wonderful and incredible person, sister, mother, friend. Her laughter and sense of humor light up the room and people flock to where she is. I would say that I get my loudness and fun personality from her. She is amazing in every sense of the word. Her faith is unwavering, unshakable, fearless.

I remember a time on my mission, I had been out about a month and I called home. I was ready to come home. I was frustrated with a sick companion, being locked-up in our apartment and with the work. I know I was not supposed to call home, but I did, just to hear my mother's voice. She re-assured me I would be okay, that I would be able to work miracles and to forget myself and serve others.

Her willingness to serve others astounds me. She is a woman of great pride, and will NEVER turn down an opportunity to help another in need. She is a true leader in every aspect of the word. She has a huge heart. These are just some of the many reasons I LOVE my mother!